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Originally Posted by everydayflyer View Post
Chris two simple questions.

Can the rescue mode be set to always go to upright even if heli is inverted or closer to level inverted?

Will the rescue override any stick positions at time it is engaged or does one have to also center / relax the cyclic stick?

To add to what Chris said about this above...

I use the momentary switch for rescue (as in his video) on my 8FG and Goblin 630. For the Horizon mode (coaxial, as Chris described it), I use a 3 position switch. In the up position it is off. In the middle it is 17%, when down it is 40%. For horizon mode you do not have to hold the switch. You can turn it on and fly the model around. Let go of the cyclic and it will level the heli. The value stated above (17% & 40%) can be considered to be the intensity of the self level feature. This has nothing to do with rescue... Only self level aka horizon aka coaxial mode.

The lower the value, the less the system will work against you in flight. That is, if you set it to 50% it'll be so much like a coaxial that it may feel hard to fly because it constantly wants to level the heli. Around 17% though, you have complete control in flight and can still have the self level feature work when you let go of the cyclic.

This is the same whether upright or inverted if you have the unit programmed to function that way (its user defined!).

I set bailout/rescue to a momentary switch so I don't have to remember to turn it off after safely rescuing. Don't want to let it get away from me when activated, so, a momentary switch allows you to just let go of the switch to deactivate rescue.

Hope that helps add a little more clarity.

- Josh
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