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Sanding the TV units never worrked for me.
The 360 units pivot on a single pin on the bottom and the rest is the smooth plastic inner ball surface against the smooth plastic surface of the outer clam shell/socket.
The moment I got too much sand or dust in between them and got any scratches on the surfaces, there would be too much friction under power which pushes the inner ball against the outer under pressure.

That's one major issue I find flying off of grass, worse I would suspect off sand etc. If you pick up dust into the duct there was always a good chance of it getting between the TV ball surfaces.
Once scratched up I had to replace them entirely.

It happened more on my Euro if I belly landed her.

Pete you may have sanded that high spot away entirely but I'd double check the nozzles under full thrust before you take to the sky. And not to give the wrong impression it was jjust my experience when I did try generous sanding it made it worse even getting down to 1500 wet sand grit. A high spot may be another thing all together.
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