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Originally Posted by ahicks View Post

Any thrust estimates? The 12x6 MA prop at close to 10k? Is that in the range of what I might expect? Target rpm to prop for, regarding good performance vs. reliability? 20:1 oil, correct?

Thanks, -Al
The planes I am using do well with a 11x7 prop, but when I did some RPM checks with different props, propping for a 11x7, 11x7.5, 11x7.75 or a 11x8 seems to work quite well with the engine. the 12x6 might be pushing it, but if the engine is broken in good, it'll likely work OK. They had mentioned that the engine developed 0.8 HP so the power figures are about correct too.
Pretty close for honest advertising from a engine company.

A 12x6 prop at 10,000 RPMs develops about 5.5 pounds of thrust and about 56 mph speed. HP is about 0.789 HP with that prop too.

Pe Reivers on his website offers the Prop-Power Calculator as a spreadsheet you can download.
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