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Originally Posted by IceWind View Post
I'm not sure if I entirely agree with that.
The orange range is in a different level, not saying that is better or worse, it's just cheaper. You can get a Rx for $5 simple as that, plus with DSM2 you can have access to all the micro range from eFlite as an example. mcpX, mQX,...

That was the reason why for example I got a DX7, if it was now I'd probably go for the module.

But I also have FrSky and the usage I gave it is totally different and so I do believe the same happens with the majority of the people.
Reliable full range, telemetry, and other features you don't have that with the Orange gear.

Now with radios and if HK releases the 9XR before the 9XD from FrSky that will be a completely different story like you say.
+1, although the inbuilt FrSky telemetry integration and the dual module capability of the FrSky TX should mean it's got something (slightly) better than the 9XR (I prefer that to swapping modules all the time).
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