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One minor point I overlooked and which was certainly not available when my Alpina Magic first became available, was a LASER.

I have a quite simple, cheapo laser level, which has simultaneous, vertical and horizontal beams (90). I think it cost 4,99 or something daft at Aldi.

It has made the "setting up" of wings and tailplane very easy with the Alpina 4001 which I am close to finishing after only 5 years.

Obviously, the first job for this was to get the tail fin vertical, with the fuselage sitting firmly in its PS cradle, on the bench. After that, both the wing-pins and tailplane were easy sailing. As the wing rod is "floating", unlike the "Magic", I did not have the old joys of the blade joiner support......

Come to think, a millon years ago, I seem to remember getting the "Magic"'s tail vertical on the bench, with a PLUMB-LINE, attached to a chunk of balsa taped to the top of the fin!

Oh, yes, the horizontal line of the laser is particularly useful getting your all-moving tailplane angle of incidence (or whatever is the fashionable name now) correct. You do this without the wings in place, lining up the laser across the leading and trailing edges of the shoulder, and tracing a line across a piece of taped-on, balsa sheet hanging down from beneath the fuselage, underneath the tail fin. You then simply measure upwards, at two points, fore and aft of the tailplane fulcrum and mark off your 0 incedence, on the tail fin.

You can, of course, do the "zero-incedence" thing with a builder's chalk-line, but that would be retro-tech.

Happy build. Wish I had the time to start again.

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