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Originally Posted by Csessa View Post
Well we got 6 planes flying, or at least attempting to fly. My comments are likely slanted because my wing had manufacturing issues with the left wing 2mm thinner than the right. I did not notice this until the plane was nearly finished, but i continued the build. So I am having significant issues. So the first point is to inspect the kit when it arrives.

My issue is the plane snap rolls to the left on many maneuvers even while carrying good speed. I attributed this to my manufacturing issues, but as of today at least one other airframe is having a similar problem and has no defects.

We have a couple airframes that tend to get into unrecoverable spins on normal maneuvers. More power makes things worse. I did recover once by cutting power for a couple seconds, getting the controls neutral then power up. What the heck??

One of the big issues is the weight. I built with no modifications and my airframe is 2g over the maximum suggested in the instructions. (with a 1000mah battery). I also came out tail heavy and had to move the battery 1/2 in forward to balance. Others came out even heavier. The heavier the plane the more problems in flight.

All kits had a problem with the flexibility of the aileron hinge. It requires work to make it move easy enough that the servo does not stall. Great care needed to ensure you do not detach the aileron from the wing. If you do not get this right the servo will stall and cause one of several other problems.

The aileron servo and linkage require very little servo movement. That translates to the need for a programable radio. I think my radio is programmed for about 20% travel which drives the servo 15% up and down.

Of the six models completed, two are flying really well. Even given the wide range of building talent, it says something about the model.

It is strong. With all the crashes I think the only real damage has been broken props.
My club did a similar combat contest this year. We built the p51. we had similar results. Some of the planes would fly great. Others would seem to lose control on basic manuvers. Very frustrating. One day the plane flys great and the next it crashes out of control. We added addidtional carbon fiber to the wings. we build 10 in our club and it was a bust. We are going to use the SkyFun for next year in the stock form. A great flier for the money. Also, cant really fly this plane in over 10 mph winds and expect performance. Prankster
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