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Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
In my experience in this hobby, trying to save money has cost me more money then if i were to have just gotten a $1200 heli in the first place . Believe me or don't. Walkera has fairly expensive replacement parts and your sure to buy lots of them. I can't argue it anymore. In this hobby you invest up front so you don't end up in the dirt and you need a plan.. here is my recommendation.

1. Decide what you like about the hobby. Is it 3D or Scale heli/flight only? Or do you just want a little toy for farting around inside your house and your good and happy with that?

2. Do a lot of research on your own. Don't just take advise at face value, including and especially my own.

3. If you really want to fly 3D and already have basic orientations down from a FP or Coax go ahead and buy a sim. Wait a little bit for the heli if you have too. It's really best, trust me. It will be the least expensive learning curve by far. It helps to have a TX that is directly compatible with phoenix, I found my Spektrum DX8 worked much better with it than my 2801. It sure was a LOT easier to set up to work like a real TX instead of having to manually configure the 2801/devo to work properly with all the switches, curves and expos working correctly. Once you feel very comfortable in the sim and have put in a few hundred hours. you should buy a nice 450-500 size heli. The gaui X5 is the best heli i ever owned but it is probably scary to a lot of people. So starting with a 450 is probably a good idea. The problem with micros is they just don't have the consistency of power and you'll start to crash because the heli can't keep up with you as you progress. A 450 should be able to. Even a good 250 would be good if your scared of going too big. But below 250, IMO will get you into the ground more then you want.

If you like scale flight or just hovering around and have no interest in 3D. Most of these walkera are OKAY, but there are problems with them. All i can say is you probably won't ever regret NOT buying a walkera. You definitely will never regret not buying one like i regret not buying something other than a Walkera when i got a 450, thats for sure. Walkera got me into the hobby, but i should have looked elsewhere when it came time to get a bigger heli than the 120. But at this stage i wish i had done it differently. Sure i love my v120D02S, it's still one of my best fliers and in my most recent video i was beginning to even impress myself at what i can do with it now. So there is still grounds for flying the little ones to learn. But i still say getting a bigger heli that is reliable is good to do right off, even if your slow to take to 3d with it and have to just hover it around at first. Eventually you will grow more comfortable with it and grow into it instead of out grow it. I hope that makes sense?

Thats my 2 cents. That being said, The X5 is BY FAR the best heli i have ever owned and the DX8 is also the best TX i have ever owned. IF you care to see how Walkera has treated me and my transitions in to a big expensive bird. you can always check out my videos on youtube. Here is a link to my channel.

This one seems to be pretty popular though:

Walkera looks great, just like my ex Girlfriend, but when it comes to performance (say no more) She's in the top 10 of pitiful hits.

Buy cheap or buy twice, and that's literally all I have to say. :-(

You have lots of options in this game;

The easy option half good looker and high maintenance road like the first image (Walkera).

Or, we have the educated, reliable, and great performance machine that requires ZERO maintenance.

I'm DONE with Walkera, and frankly, they DESERVE bum reputation they have rightly earned.

I'm glad that this thread has been formed, and quite frankly I wish it would be hosted as "Sticky".

At the OP; Most of us have seen the light re' Walkera, and it seems you've listened.

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