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Suggestion For Hobbyking


It might be a good idea from now on that HK dosen't advertise upfront that they are going to bring out a new model. What they should do is just get it fully developed and then place it on the site.

2 reasons for this.

1 - It stops all those who wish to complain that an aircraft promised by a certain date and dosen't turn up can state in RC Groups how bad everything is etc etc etc. Seems to me like some people don't have a life and just want to complain. The same issues happened with the Lancaster and that was a bit of a mini disaster for HK.

2. - What people don't know is coming out will surprise them. I guess people will them moan that they never knew xxxx aircraft was coming out and that I spent my last dollar on some other aircraft when I could of had this one.

I think some people should grow up. If you want to complain about HK then you could -

1. Never buy anything from them EVER again. This I doubt.

2. Build your own company and make the models you really want, then sell them and see who complains about what you have or haven't done with it.

I'm one who would be keen to have this model BUT if it dosen't turn up until early next year I'm not going to cry.
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