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Try out the advanced calc, it has options at the bottom for you to put your throttle & pitch curves in. also the motor isn't 90% efficient, none of these cheap outrunner cans are, set the eff% to about 80% for a more realistic outlook. Be sure to press the 'no fudge' button so it will factor in air density dragging on your blades.

Using 880gr, 2650mah 3s, 80% eff, 4400kv, 11t, I set out to find a throttle curve that would yield the most stable headspeed from mid stick to full stick. If you put throttle curve to something like 0/40/75/85/100 and pitch curve at say -3/-1.5/0/5.5/11 (a normal flight set I have seen) with your 4400kv 11t motor you would pull about 15a @ mid stick 75%/0 & a whopping 75a @ full stick 100%/11. I'm return your headspeed only varies slightly; 2429 @ 0 / 2565 @ 5.5 /2470 @ 11. The less your headspeed changes the more predictable your pitch and collective inputs will be.

Turning down the throttle and leaving the pitch where it is will reduce the max amp draw. Running 0/40/80/80/80 with the same pitch curve yields 15a @ mid stick & 42a @ full stick. Unfortunately this also reduces the headspeed. Inputs at lower headspeed are more sluggish between input & response i.e. you yank the stick left & the bird leans left.

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