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Originally Posted by onethermal View Post
Hi Everyone
I have been trying to catch up with Merrill for many days and last night I finally caught him. Merrill says that since the fall fest at Visalia it is like he has been working a second full time job and trying to juggle family obligations, with no flying time on the weekends and no extra time to spend on the computer . That is one of the big drawbacks to a one man shop, Merrill says he has thought about hiring someone to help with production, but he would have to raise the price of the kit to pay wages to someone. The biggest issue he has about bringing someone into his shop is the consistency of quality of the product. Merrill has a true love of the kits that he produces and he is very picky about the quality of what he puts his name on. There is a bunch of work that goes into each kit -the painting, the laying up of the fuselages, wrapping spars, and the cutting of all the little pieces. Even with all of that work this kit is affordable to all. It is hard to find a good quality building kit and not break the bank like planes out of Europe and Asia.
In this age of instant e-mails and messaging we need to realize that we as a people start thinking that we should get everything we want right now without waiting, but it still takes time for the paint and epoxy to cure because every kit that Merrill produces is made to order and it takes time for a quality kit to come from MM Glider Tech.
Just for clarification I donít work for MM Glider Tech and I donít receive any compensation.
Merrill Brady is a great friend and is my flying partner when I am in California and best of all I love to build the kits he has to offer.

Clarence Ashcraft
nice post C! Only a few of us close friends to Merrill, realize how much work goes into producing this kit! I promise after I get off of Saturday duty, sometime in December I will hop back on my Oculas, and E- Oculas build!

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