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OSD Pro Software Update Request… 65 Km distance limit!

Bill, the last weekend our local FPV team had in mind in order to try to beat our current distance FPV flight record, 45km (which at this moment was the Argentinian record), after all the preparations and hard work in the troubleshooting vibration (since we use a gasoline engine) adversely affecting the operation of the guardian and a fine tuning of the RTH settings, hoping one day to suitable meteorological conditions, at the end of the day when the wind let up, we took off toward our goal 75 km!, but our goal was not possible because we have a limitation of the OSD side, running 65.5 KM away suddenly OSD step mark of 65,535 meters to 0, great was the surprise and brief moments of despair until we realized that what was happening ... at first we thought the OSD had been hungup, but after a few seconds of watching other parameters on the screen, we saw that the OSD was still responding, except the distance values ​​and arrow which had radar located in the center of screen (attached a piece of video where you can see what happened)

Bill, it is possible to create us a new version of the software to expand the boundaries of distance with respect to the distance values? Our new goal is to try to reach 120 km away .. Also we would be useful to visualize the possibility of grardian gain values (which are currently in the servo deflections) as any other value that can stand alone position anywhere on the screen, we would be useful also a parameter that is the remainder of the speeds or ground speed of GPS speed less pitot tube speed.

This is the second time that our team is with the limitation of a OSD, made couple of months ago we also try to break the national record height at the first attempt we could not continue beyond 4000 meters, since the OSD at that time we used (DAKAR OSD) had that limit values ​​for height, for this case we also contacted the developers of it and request a new software, which helpfully broad the limit of measurement of the height to 6000 meters (after the upgrade we could reach the 5000 meters high and achieve our goal ...)

In brief will attach the full video of the flight (even what we are editing, since they were 2 hours flight) I leave a couple of pictures of the plane and our Team, together with the plane equipment specifications ...

Greetings from Cordoba - ARGENTINA

Thanks in advance


EagleTree OSD Distance Limit....! (2 min 26 sec)
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