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Originally Posted by ing.enzo View Post
I have instructions,
I was only thinking if it si better to glue blade support in the fuselage with wingsisntalled, checking their angle ( betwenn themselves and elevators) or not .
If I recall correctly, the "shoulders" of the fuselage, that is, where the wing roots meet the fuselage, are very well lined up and what Multiplex suggests, i.e. place small pieces of balsa, or light ply-wood sheet at the top and may the bottom(?) of the wings, held together with clothes pegs, or simple clamps, should be good enough to line up the wings on the for/aft plane.

As you can see from the manual, the ends of the pieces clamped to the wings just rest on the top of the "shoulders" of the fuselage. As you suggest, the actual wing dyhedral and alignment between wings needs to be carefully set up, with the wings in place, on an good flat bench, before gluing in the blade support. I find that peices of rigid polistyrene (PS) foam are fine for making up a fuselage support, on the bench. Two identical pieces of PS sheet, cut to the height of the "shoulders" and with the bottom side a true 90, can be easily pinned to a PS sheet base plate with some wooden tooth-picks and some white glue left to set overnight. Try to make sure the vertical sheets of PS are the exact same distance as between the sides of the fuselage, at the wing roots.

You can also set up the dyhedral, using two more identical pieces of PS sheet, also pinned to the base (PS) sheet, at the exact same distance (50 cms, 100 cms.?)from the centre line. You don't have to have a 4m. bench!

Incedently, when the time comes to set up the tail-plane (horizontal stabs?), you will need the fuselage support, anyway, otherwise there is no way you can get this ligned up correctly.

I am probably telling you dumb things you knew before I was born, but, just in case

Good luck, again,

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