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This is my complete setup list...

FPV Setup:

------ In the AIR: -----
Skywalker with 1900mm Wing ( $130)

Propulsion System:
Ogar/Skywalker Power System HC3516-1350 from ($110)
Castle Creations Thunderbird 54A Esc
Himax 3516-1350 350 watt Brushless Outrunner Motor
APC 9x6e Prop

Onboard Servos:
1 Hitec HS-5485HB Digital Servo (from local hobby shop - for panning GoPro) ($25)
4 Hitech HS-65HB Karbonite Gear servos for rud,elev,and 2 ailerons (ebay $88)

RC Receiver:
DragonLink UHF RC System Tx ($100 of $269 Tx and Rx combo)

Electronics Battery:
Parkzone 3s 1300mAh 15C LiPo (local hobby shop $30)
(powers Hornet OSD, Video TX, Futaba RX, FY31-AP)

Motor Battery:
Gens ace 5500mah 3S1P 11.1V 25C Lipo battery pack ( $41)
(powers esc and Himax Brushless Motor above)

Video Tx and Antenna:
1.3G 800mW tx for 12V system ($50
Omni: 1.3 GHz Skew-Planar Wheel Whip Antenna (RHCP) ($33

Feiyu Tech FY31-AP Flight Stabilizer trade edition with
GPS, Current Sensor and
Hornet OSD ($290

GoPro Hero HD cam for HD Recording of flights ($200 ebay)
16GB SDHC Flash Card for GoPro ($15 ebay)
BEV-KX181H-NTSC (Made by Sony - Live video Feed Cam) ($82

Misc parts and glues (carbon fiber, ply, etc.) $100



----- On the GROUND: -----
RC Radio:
Futaba FP-8UAP PCM 1024 72mHz transmitter ($200 used)

Long Range UHF System:
DragonLink UHF RC System (attached to Futaba radio $169 of $269 combo)

RC Tx Aftermarket Battery Pack:
8 cell 9.6V 2500mAh high capacity battery pack for Futaba tx ($28 ebay)

Manfrotto MKC3-H01 (Target $50)

Rx Antennas (2):
Directional: Helical 1.3GHz 9.5dBi RHCP ( $70)
Omni: 1.3 GHz Skew-Planar Wheel Whip Antenna (RHCP) ($33

Video Receivers (2):
1.3gHz Rx on 12V system ($30 ea. (x2)

Eagle Eyes FPV Station with Plastic Case ( $90)

Ground Station Battery:
Zippy 3s 5000mAh 20C LiPo
(powers video goggles, both 1.3gHz video RXs, Eagle Eyes - ebay $25)

Video Goggles:
FatShark Dominator video goggles ($300

Flight Camera Video Capturing:
EasyCAP USB 2.0 Video Audio AV Capture ($7 ebay)
(I use my laptop to capture live video, but did not include cost here)

Misc parts, tripod, wires, connectors, solder, velcro, servo programmer, etc. ($150 easily)


=TOTAL COST: $2476
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