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Flight report. Well had to build a small handle on bottom of plane as it was too wide to hand launch as is. Throttled up to about 3/4 and let her rip. Had a slow but straight climb out. Next to no aileron control until it picked up speed. Running elevons only at the moment with 100% dual rate and 120% epa. As it slowly picked up speed I gained a bit more aileron authority. First thing to my mind as I let go of the sticks. It needed 0 trim and it was perfectly stable. Felt like flying a trainer plane. It was going rather slow at 1/2 throttle, maybe 30-40 tops, so as I made the first circuit and turned back around I advanced up to full throttle. Didn't sound as if the fan was spinning any faster. Held it at wot for about 5 secs and then the motor cuts out, crap. Made a quick left turn and pointed the nose down to maintain momentum. Glided it to the ground with only a soft thud. My hand launcher was only thing that dented a tad. So as I walk over to the plane and pick it up to check for damage, I give it a bit of throttle and it works. Hrmmm. It wouldn't turn back on in the air. I start thinking low voltage perhaps, but when I got home to charge up the 4s 2200 pack, it was at 16v still and only put back in 250mah, so that can't be it. Only thing I can think is the battery may be bad. Its had a crash before and is a bit dented in the front. Balances fine up to the correct voltage so not real sure on that. It is the detrum 70mm fan/motor/esc combo from hobbypartz which was working fine in another plane. Any takers?

Edit: I have no watt meter unfortunately to test the battery with a load on the ground. Went back and redid esc programming just to make sure it wasnt messed up. Well i guess my next step is to fly it with a different battery. If that works guess ill toss the other one
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