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Originally Posted by shahram72 View Post
I think unless the stabilization system of an aircraft also has accellerometers, it does not matter the orientation when binding, as long as it is still. I just measures a signal level from the sensors upon binding to get a baseline of what "stable" is. It has no idea what "level" is. Is this right? Now on my mini pet, I make sure it is level, cause that thing will auto-level when you release the cyclic.
You are correct - AS3X is simply a 3-axis gyro-based stabilization system. There are no accelerometers or other means of establishing a reference with respect to the Earth - therefore it is impossible for AS3X to know which way is up. The mQX and all of the other AS3X-equipped aircraft can be initialized in any orientation. The only requirement is that the aircraft remains motionless during the process. I own at least one of each AS3X-equipped aircraft that has been released - except for the mSRX, HT, and Spit. I initialize them in whatever orientation is the most convenient at the moment. As long as they remain motionless during initialization, AS3X works as expected - regardless of orientation.

BTW - binding & initialization are completely different things. Binding is done once. Turning on the tx & then powering-up the aircraft to fly it is called initializing - not binding.

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