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Originally Posted by frank26all View Post
Well,I made my first hobbyking purchase last Thursday,four days later my package arrives,outstanding. It was 357 dollars worth of stuff and 44 to ship but well worth every penny,I purchased seven bluebird servos for a 50cc Pitts python electric build and everything I bought works great,yay I'm excited to have a great hk experience.
That's great to hear. It's great that we have so many vendors our there that are able to keep this hobby within economic reach of everyone. huge selection.

Originally Posted by Joe 1320 View Post
The low prices are a lure, customer service when something goes wrong is like a root canal without novacaine. Some will tell you they have all these orders with no problems, other will cite horror stories. Use the search feature and see for yourself. There are countless example of crummy service.
Frank, if you haven't seen it yet, you'll note that no matter how great of an experience you have, others will come in here with doom and gloom. Oh the service is horrible, their pricing structure is a "lure", and boy you better not have any CS problems. Take some advise though and do your own research. There are plenty of people who have had good and bad experiences with MANY vendors, including Tower, Horizon, Hobby Lobby, just to name a few. Even 3DHS is getting complaints lately. Also, not all customer service experiences will be bad, but some might. Keep in mind the volume this company does too. And as always, you pretty much get what you pay for. Their Durafly Vampire is one of the best planes I've ever flown, and yet their Cloudsky AXN floater was a huge disappointment. But then again, it was a RR plane for $50.00. Perspective.

Keep in mind almost any HK thread will eventually degenerate into a love/hate thing.

Originally Posted by valanti256 View Post
Glad to here everything went smooth with your order. Just remember to use Paypal so if you run into a problem in the future you have some buyer protection and CS.

That is completely accurante, and balanced and reasonable advice that works with any vendor purchase. Also, try to back your PP purchase up with a credit card so you have two layers of protection.
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