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Just did some thinking whit the tips posted in this thread.

i started whit this. But got the tip to look at the thrust line whit the wing-line.

I looked at it. But didn't got the look right. Just not that i would say, that's what i would like.
Got some design what looks like a mig15 whit a tale of the vampire (twin booms).
But it was not what i was looking for, not sexy enough.
The twin boom was not the thing where i was looking for, so need a single fuselage. But then the thruseline could be a problem. After looking in the micro edf sector, i found some pictures. Sorry for copying them to here, but like to know what you guys think about it, before starting the design of my own. not twin boom, but twin edf. And i like it, its sexy

It has a longer fuse, which those speed planes also have (like Erik tipped).
It could be build whit one pease wing, fuse needs a little tweek to get batteries in, but no big changes. Will be for twin 70mm.

Only disadvantage would be, that it needs twin 70mm. But for me is not a problem. Price will be almost the same as one 90mm 8S plane. But the twin setup has the advantage that thrustline is in line whit the wing.

Please post your thoughts about it. Like i said, the one disadvantage i could think about would be the twin setup which is needed. Other than that, i think only advantage. But please, think whit me.
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