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Still... hard to argue that they're perfect. I've now put in 22 orders with them... most of them large mind you (because I prefer to maximize value on shipping, I target a 6kg order), but I've not once had a shipment arrive with no problems.

My biggest issue is not customer service or "quality" in terms of "last forever"... my biggest issue is when they sell literal garbage and expect you to jump through hoops and pay return shipping to resolve the issue. Selling low quality figurative "garbage" is one thing... but 100% DOA get ZERO use out of it garbage... that's quite another. And I've had at least one example in every one of my orders. My latest was small... the order was perfect except for the "soft ferrite rings" where one was crushed into piecees. The packaging was perfectly intact, so someone deliberately sent it like that.. probably to avoid being fired (or whatever) over $0.02. We're talking $0.99 for the pack, and the other 4 of 5 were fine (and I only needed 2) so its not a big deal at all. Still... that's someone's trash. That's not a "product" at all, not even a low quality one. That's exactly the same as if they reached into their garbage and shipped me a random piece of refuse.

I picked out that insignificant example simply because its the latest. I've had many DOA electronics, crushed pieces of foam (again in perfect packaging... so it was crushed when someone intentionally placed it in the box), splintered carbon fiber...

There's also stupidity like they have these servo covers that they SAY fit "5, 8, 9, and 20g" servos. OK, I didn't stop to think about it (how can it fit both an 5 and a 20?) nor did I read the reviews... but they actually send a RANDOM SIZE that fits one of them! How insane is that? I got it and it didn't fit my 9g at all but it fit my 5g perfectly. I presumed I screwed up so I looked again and saw comments where others got one that was WAY too big (20g) for their 5 or 9g lol. I mean, come on... that's just dumb. Resolution? Send it back, at my expense. Yeah... right.

Still, I order from them.

I didn't think I would after one particularly large fiasco. I ordered > $600 a while back and they canceled the order due to a price mistake on one small item (their mistake, their decision to cancel the order). Whatever, I placed the order again... but they hadn't refunded the first. They kept insisting they did, but they didn't. I disputed it with PayPal and it went unchallenged and PayPal could easily see it wasn't refunded, so I eventually got my money back. That left a sour taste... but I keep telling myself it was a language barrier issue (which doesn't bother me at all - they are in China afterall)
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