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I have been CGing up side down with the bat.
Like other warbirds tail heavy is risky.
There is not much clearance between the prop adapter and cowl.
I also opened the carb intake and cleaned between the pistons for air flow.
If the prop adapter rubs on the cowl it could influence torque roll.
Did you center servos then adjust surfaces?
Not sure I understand what you did to line up the surfaces.
Going to the inner holes on the control hornes will give you exciting amounts of throw!
Futaba and JR/Spektrum have reversed values for expo. I think the 6i is the same as the DX7 or 8. Positive expo softens the center.
I do not use any on helicopters. But then I lost interest in them.
The Wildcat really helped my learning curve.
After underpowered high wing Cubs and the like. I finally stopped reacting to what the plane was doing and started telling it what to do!
Wildcat is a fine stable plane.
Not perfect tho.
Yes check that elevator control horn. Especially if you went for more throws.
It looks fine in flight checks, but it can be lose.
I have had trouble with the control rod sleeves. At one point, after a nose in, the E sleeve moved forward all the way to the control arm on the servo. This would bind. At first I thought it was my flying skills, so it took time to sort out.
Wildcat will stall. Get a few mistakes high and practice stalling.
It recoveres quicker than ducted fan planes!
Good luck out there! Chris
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