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I got my orange one today! Noticing a little notchieness in the bearings right off the bat, I decided to disassemble which in and of itself was a struggle. Heating, freezing and heating, swearing and a lot of pulling and tugging got me nowhere. Gently used a pair of reverse circlip pliers back and forth on the weight areas to finally get a mm of movement but that was it.

More heating, more swearing, more prying and I finally threaded a long 2mm bolt in the hub, supported the hub facing end of the grip on a piece of wood and gently tapped the bolt with a teeny hammer. What a pain! I've purchased a lot of Tarot stuff and really like it for the most part but I usually junk half the bearings off the bat and locktite the other half in because they're too loose. During machining they either allow too much for the thickness of the anodizing or too little.

At any rate one side came apart with what I assume is the mostly the correct assembly? The order was: bolt & thickest washer, large outer bearing, two very thin shims, outer thrust bearing race w/ groove facing away from the thrust bearing then the thrust bearing with the closed/flat side facing out. The inner thrust bearing race ain't coming out.

The other side went: Bolt & thickest washer, large outer bearing, outer thrust bearing race w/ groove facing away from the thrust bearing, then the two thin shims and then the thrust bearing with the closed/flat side facing in.

At least looking at both sides, the inner thrust bearing race has the groove facing the thrust bearing which is good since I doubt they'll ever come out. There is no chance I mixed these up on disassembly in case anybody was wondering.

I like the piece, it looks good and think Tarot is making some neat and innovative stuff but they're still not quite there on the QC and bearing quality department. There was not a hint of lubrication on the thrust bearings nor threadlock on the bolts but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt since I did use a heat gun on it to get the hub separated.

In spite of what might sound like bashing, I'm anxious to get this greased up and put back together in the right order and installed on my 450. I may buy the silver one just to have as a spare (even though I have 3 Align ones!)

-- Elisabeth

Afterthought: I'll have to look at this in better light with stronger magnification tomorrow. The thrust bearing balls just barely extend beyond the flat/closed side of the cage. Now I'm not so sure if the outer thrust bearing race should be installed backwards with the flat side against the thrust bearing because initially, the depth of the groove in the race seems much deeper than the balls stick out of the race? I know, I know - just go fly the damn thing. Geeking out on stuff is half the fun for me.
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