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Originally Posted by butaford View Post
Is it easier to balance this plane right side up or upside down?
Oddly enough, it seems like upside down is better. It doesn't matter if the battery is installed or not.

Originally Posted by CF105 View Post
Sorry to hear about the mishap, at least it sounds like plane didn't suffer too badly.

Hard to determine what happened without being there or seeing the plane. One thing that comes to mind... is the DX6i the radio that you have to program expo in "reverse" from the other Spektrum transmitters? (negative instead of positive, or something?).

How did it respond immediately after launch (while you were still getting your hand back on the transmitter)? With no inputs, I'd expect her to start a roll to the left, and probably dip the nose.
Thanks man! Thankfully it just looks like I did a belly landing favoring one side a little more than the other. I did an ok job making the crash damage as minimal as possible, but I still expected at least something to be wrong with it lol

The expo is +30 for all three settings. I may bump it up another +5 just to ensure I smooth things out as much as possible.

It did a little porpoising right after the launch. My question for any of you can you post a picture of how you have the elevator trimmed? Is it perfectly level or is it slightly one way or the other using the stock battery?
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