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[When I started learning about electric motors, I was also stuck in the "Watts-way of thinking". But fortunately some motor manufacturers stated max amps (not max Watts). That got me thinking and then I finally started understanding how a motor really works. So give it time -You'll come around (hopefully).

Have fun

I learned a lot from a couple of local manufacturers, working for one winding motors and the other (castle creations) answered a lot of questions from me as several of their employees fly locally, some even in our indoor club for a long time. (and I allways bugged them for all the info I could) I used to build motors just to test what I learned. built a cdrom motor that did 350 watts on 4 cells turning a 3 inch prop 36000 rpm, scared the bejesus out of me and my brother and sounded like a freight train. (was told that was impossible) also built an outrunner from the blower motor from a semi-truck. 5 inches across the bell and our largest prop (24x12) was nowhere near big enough to tax it. at 3500 watts it ran colder than the ambient air temp producing over 25 pounds of thrust. still have it but can't afford to do anything with it for now. had to start over from scratch on everything due to a fire and still havent started building motors again, just wasn't enough insurance to replace all the parts, pieces and tools I had before the fire. been flying since 1988 and doing electric planes since 1990, started flying brushless motors and lipo batts around 10 or 12 years ago and pretty much went electric on everything about then. before the fire had around 65 or 70 planes all with motors I built in them from 4 ounce micro planes to 6 pound warbirds. lost over a hundred planes in the fire and 60 kits and half a chord of balsa wood. I don't throw anything out here unless I got it from a reliable source and checked it out myself. my chances of "coming around" are nill, lol, too set in my ways after all these years.
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