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1/72 scale A-10.

I started thinking about the design for my new 1/72 scale A-10 after last years JR indoor event. The 3 channel model has a scale outline, and weighs 10 grams RTF with a 30 LiPo cell. It has a 9.4 inch wingspan, and was designed around Kevon Ritter's (bimRC Ducted Fan Line) 18mm fan unit. The model uses two 6mm motors from the Ares Nano Micro stick RTF plane. I did a review of the model for my Micro Flying column in Model Aviation, and I noticed that the motor was putting out some good power. I then did some tests with the 18mm and 20mm fan units that Kevon designed. I found the the 18mm fans worked well with the motor and were very close in scale size for the A-10.

The plane is constructed out of Durobatics foam and balsa, and uses the DT Rx 42 receiver for guidance. The wonderful DT 2.4 GHz line of receivers put out good power to the actuators. I used 3 Plantraco NanoActs on this model. Two for the ailerons, and one for the elevator. I was not sure if they would have enough power to control this 10 gram plane, but they ended up working great.

I put in over 40 hours last week to try and complete the model in time for the JR event. Luckily, I was on vacation. I was really worried that the model would not have the power to fly as I was only getting 4.5 grams of static thrust with the nacelles built up. I had her RTF on Halloween, and I needed to test fly her before going to JR. The weather was really bad in Pa all week with hurricane Sandy, so I called a friend who's wife works in the YMCA in town, and asked if I could use the gym for 5 -10 minutes to put in a test flight. She said that I could so I went down to give her a try. Some kids were playing basketball and I had to wait until they took a break. Then I gave her a toss and to my surprise, the model flew beautifully on the first flight! The kids and I were amazed when when we saw her fly!

I had to add the rest of the little details after test flying the model. I added a new machine gun light set that Sergio Zigras made for me that he calls the Blinker. The light set weighs only 400 mgs with a flashing machine gun strobe, and the nav lights. I was running out of time so I just added the machine gun light! All of the details and the light set added 3/4 of a gram to the models overall weight. I was hoping that it would not have that much affect on the models performance.

I ended up putting in over 20 flights at the JR event, and the model ending up winning the ward for the Best Jet. I want to thank Kevon Ritter for his help with the fan units.

The model flies great but could use a little more power. I am thinking that two single phase brushless motors with Chris T's new controller would be the answer!


1/72 scale micro R/C 3 channel A-10! (0 min 47 sec)

1/72 Scale 9.4 inch wingspan micro R/C A-10. (1 min 0 sec)
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