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Eagle Eyes FPV Station Rapid Diversity Switching Problems

Yeah, just plunked down $90 for this fancy new FPV Station from

It's basically DOA.

It flips rapidly back and forth between two perfectly functioning Rx antennas (Brand new Helical and Skew Planar), about two to three times per second.

I only bought this thing for diversity, and also because I can have extra AV out ports for my in-flight video recording in case of a downed plane.

I have tried every thing I can think of, including switching the AV1 and AV2 inputs back and forth, flying away to get some distance, fiddling with the "blue screws" to get the video matching as close as possible.

I have tried adjusting the sensitivity down lower, up higher, etc.

I have been trying to get this item to work properly for 3 days now. Tonight, I tried to go to the eagle eyes website. I downloaded "Windows Application RELEASE version 10.04 " and installed it, but when I run it, it is called a "Data Recorder". Huh? I don't want a data recorder. I want a piece of software that will update this problematic item with the latest firmware, to see if this fixes the problem.

I have a half-dozen mini-B cords around, I have tried each one, all I get is "Windows does not recognize... blah blah blah".

I am running Windows 7. Is that too much for Eagle Eyes?

This is annoying, because I just uploaded a lengthy build video for my new FPV ground station for my viewers to watch and follow. I told them I would keep them posted as to how well this "FPV Ground Station" performs. They will be very disappointed to learn I bought what basically amounts to a $90 RCA "Y" adapter, because basically all I can use this plastic brick for is to split my video signal from ONE SINGLE antenna so I can record live video from my flight cam.

How To Build An Awesome FPV Groundstation! Helical and Skew Planar on Diversity (22 min 27 sec)

I would upload video of what my flight camera sees, but it would be pointless. Basically, it sees two perfectly clear pictures from each receiver, switching rapidly back and forth.

Update 11/7/2012: I have opened a ticket on their site...
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