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Went back to fuselage this afternoon, while glue is drying on a wing panel. Decided to tackled the lite ply side stringer problem. If ypu remember, I had trouble installing these. This mainly because they are inherenly weak. 2.5mm light ply simply does not make good stick stock! And these were/are still prone to easy breakage. Plus they are near impossible to keep straight. No doubt they wouldn't hold up to cover shrinkage.

I wondered if I might rip some hard 3/16 (5mm) square, then groove same to form a slotted cap strip I further wondered if they would hold the ply edge underneath straght? YES on both counts! Very pleased with this fix. Slot cut with table saw, about 1/16" deep and leaves about 1/32 to over lap each side of the stringer. I'll have to make a sanding tool to impart 1/2 round section to the larger stringers.

I have to wonder why the designer just didn't use balsa stringers in th e first place? He put them on the bottom of the fuselage! They are straight and haven't broken either of them, despite some unintentional rough handling. The ply side stringers snagged on EVERYTHING and the lovely snapping sounds cannot be good. Think I've solved the problem.I will be doing similar treament at rib caps, to straighten/STRENGTHEN wonkey ply ribs!.
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