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Originally Posted by Hink64 View Post
Give us a little more info - like battery size (for CG issues - I like this guy a bit nose heavy because I can correct it in flight - otherwise a tail heavy bird will correct itself in unkind manners) - how long the flight was - were the ailes and other control surfaces centered - did you toss or someone else - did you start & toss at full throttle/half throttle - did you throw into the wind. Lots of variables here my boy. We can help

Thanks man!

Everything is stock. I trimmed out the ailerons and elevator as close to level as I could. I threw it into the wind with about 3/4 throttle by myself. The wind was in the 7-10mph neighborhood, but nothing my little T-28 and Pole Cat couldn't handle with ease. I warmed up with those before the maiden because the last thing I wanted to do was to crash and then talk about it on here lol

Regarding the flight, it took off very quickly and I circled it around to my right. While in flight I couldn't get the elevator "level" enough for nice smooth flight. All the while I was attempting to circle it back towards me so I could fly it in a circle and get used to it. The next thing I know the thing is upside down heading straight for the ground. I managed to crash land it on its wheels from there, but it impacted so hard that the canopy flew off of it.

One other thing of note. I had a really hard time getting the elevator level, so I had to use the third notch from the bottom of the control horn to make it level. That could be part of the elevator sensitivity. The rod that connects to the servo is also rubbing on the inside of the fuse making a lot of noise, even after knocking out some foam to help the path.
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