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Heres a few of the trans Red... and how that starts.. This is all easiest if done in steps.. at least to me.. as with all graphics.. one thing affects the next..then affects the next.. etc.. haha..

Pic 1.. I cut a piece big enough cover the area I need the graphic on.. I tack it using a small "tab" of Scotch tape on each corner.. being careful not to put tape on anything thats been layered.. inotherwords.. only use small tab/tape on base coat and its fine.

Pic 2.. This is a pondering time.. and should be.. I just take my Flair and start gently drawing/sketching. Its not a great surface to get smooth lines..with a Flair anyways..

If I get a good decent Flair line.. when I lay the film on my glass.. and smooth/secure it down.. The X-acto does the flowing.. and cuts lines that are quite acceptable.. I'm no surgeon either.. but it works fine.. I've noticed there is room for flow..not everything has to spot on with this kind of work.

You can draw on it all night with the Flair.. if you don't like it.. Windex/paper towel wipe it off.. matter of fact.. it smears terribly.. so I'm as careful as I can be once I get a pattern I like.. if it does smear though.. I get a chance to do it again.. with the Flair that is... Once it goes under the knife though.. I like to be farely sure.. its much tougher to salvage.. and usually ends up being a re-do..

So.. I've got some cutting and ironing to do now..
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