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Originally Posted by jfetter View Post
Nice review Gibbo, any RPM numbers for the 8S setup? BTW, I agree about the 65C pack being necessary on 6S. All of my video's are using TP 65C packs and though I have no complaints, 45C or less may not provide the same level of performance...
Thanks Jack - on 8s 40c 4000 it is doing around 8,500 RPM at 80ish Amps - so just under 80% of theroretical speed at 370 rpm/Volt. That is with the good old 18 x 8 IC wide blade I put on to stop the cavitation. Waiting on XOAR and PT 18 x 8 . . .

Only meaningful 6s comparison I have was around 90 amps and 6,300 RPM on 6s with 18 x 12.

I flew it again on Sunday, this time in a lumpy 10 knot wind, and remain happy with 18 x 8 - even better once I had done some work on throttle curve to get low / mid range right. Feels similar to full sized F3A model on Q80 13s with 20 x 10.5 prop (so at the slower end of the spectrum).

Flying it with CG in middle of recommended range at 220mm, but have taken almost all Expo out of elevator to get a good, positive feel.

Addition: Flew it in smooth conditions today, 8s/40c, XOAR 18x8 (wood IC version - much more efficient down low so softened throttle curve again), pulling 85 amps peak - nice speed, lots of power/penetration, CG to front of range tracks more smoothly out of 1/4 loops etc. When 8s 5,000 turns up will fly complete P13.

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