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OK, first post modified as promised.

Another oddity... weights.

Buy this prop at the US warehouse and not only are you paying 41.4% more for it, but it magically weights 100 grams more as well!

Don't find that interesting? Could just be a simple typo? Ok, how about this one:

You pay an extra $10.80 (20%) for the item, presumably for shipping costs from China to the US... and along the way it manages to gain 439g of weight!

OK, I guess there's an explanation for this... though again, I'll contend that it comes down to coding deficiencies - but this time its deliberate rather than mistake. As most will have noticed, HK forces some products to be purchased along with a "Box", which doesn't add cost, but adds (usually an infuriating amount of) weight. The reason is, presumably, because the "bulk" of the item is such that the shipping costs are volumetric based... ie. you're paying to ship the size, not the weight, of the item. HK is horribly inconsistent with this scheme though. Some items have the box, others don't - they just add the volumetric weight to the item. It appears that's what they've done with all US products. They build the "box" weight right in. The problem with that, for those that think carefully about these sorts of things, is that you're now charged for multiple "boxes" whereas they coded it the same as their International warehouse, you'd only be charged the "Box" once.

Again, I'm not knocking HK... they're doing the best they can with an odd situation. I just find it all interesting.
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