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Originally Posted by Stevedots View Post
Successful Maiden today!

In spite of the 15 to 20 mph winds I flew the Assassin about 6 times. The first hand launch was easier than I was expecting. I gave her a couple of clicks of up trim and a couple of clicks of left trim. With the winds knocking it around a bit I couldn't be real precise in my trimming but I feel like I have it pretty close. I was flying with two settings. Low rates set for the recomended 3/8 inch travel up and down with 40% expo. High rates was double the recomneded throw and with a 50% expo. I think it would feel the best somewhere in between. Or maybe I'll keep the settings, low for high speed, high rates for low speed. Either way the wind was knocking me around so I'll have to re-evaluate on a calm day but I'm very happy with this flying wing.

Only one thing to ask:

When at a 90 degree bank and making a hard left hand turn she seemed to stay pretty level. But when at a 90 degree bank and making a hard right hand turn she would descend in the hard turn unless I compensated. Is that something to get used to with a flying wing or will some type of aileron / elevon differencial help with that?


I had too much of everything, elevons and elevator and the result was that it fell out of the sky during a turn and pulling up on the elevator. The cause for that was excessive throws and during the turn the high elevator throw killed the lift over the airfoil and it fell out of the sky. Took forever to find it that day so when you are testing don't be too surprised if you get similar results.
However the different feel and flight when turning might be associated with the rotation and torque of the motor. Not an expert but I get the same thing, nice and smooth one way and not so smooth the other direction.
Fun plane to fly. Good luck.
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