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I presume you are wearing gloves and have some ventilation? If the answer to either is no, then I'd be making a change. My standard of practice when working with any potentially obnoxious chemical is zero physical contact. First off by careful procedures, and secondly by appropriate safety gear - in this case gloves. Given you have already had allergy reactions to epoxy, I'd add long pants and long sleeve shirt, or even a lab coat. You don't want to get a worse reaction! Additionally, we get a lot of chemical exposure through inhalation. See that you have some ventilation that either moves fresh air to where you are, or pulls polluted air away from where you are. Of course that is a good plan when working with anything dusty or a solvent, not just epoxy.


PS - Always assume any safety gear you wear is contaminated. Don't contact things with the gear (particularly gloves) that you don't want to get contaminated as well. And keep in mind that safety gear is the LAST line of defense. If the gear gets contaminated, something is already wrong with the working methodology. That may be unavoidable in a practical sense though - depends on what you are doing. Sometimes procedure alterations, such as applying fabric dry then wetting out, rather then wetting out first, can greatly reduce contamination of gloves for instance and greatly reduce odds of getting epoxy on you!
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