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here are the photos as promissed.
If anyone is interested I can explain and make a rough diagram of how I made the box onto which the mai gear is screwed on.

The tail wheel is a DUBRO kit but you'll need to make the strut from a piece of piano-wire as the one in the kit is too short. it is driven by the rudder.
I bent it so that the piano wire fits directly under the rudder and it sits in a small piece of tube which is glued to the bottom of the rudder and to be on the safe side I also put some re-inforced tape.

I put a fairly long ply board onto which the tail-wheel is screwed on because the back end of the fuselage is a rather weak part and I wanted to allow for a large area to absorb the bump on touchdown . (my son has learnt to fly on this plane, it has well over 200 flights and it shows, but it still flies great.

The cowl is held in place with a few magnets, the motor is an Eflite PArk 480 1020 Kv, with a 11x5.5 propeller.

It flies great with a 2200Mah battery, 8 minutes from take off we start to bring it down. with this setup one seldom needs more than 75% throttle. (for aerobatics we have many other planes that are more capable, but that's another story)

The idea of converting to tail-dragger is not mine, another person posted photos of his converted Sensei, which prompted me to follow suit.

The dayglo orange patches allow for easy orientation even when flown at a fair disitance.

feel free to ask anything you need or if you want more photos I can email them to you.

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