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Originally Posted by neoalchemist74 View Post
Oh, Ok. but why does the esc go into shutdown mode then restart? I should mention that it was doing the same thing when running an external governor.
I switched back to the castle governor in attempt to rule out fault in the external gov.
To answer that question I'd have to really know the governor algorithm, and I don't. I have guesses etc., but that wouldn't help you. I think my basic belief is that when something happens which is way out of the ordinary (load goes to zero while throttle input stays constant), the algorithm just falls into some "safe" value that can't hurt itself. Like I said, that is just a guess on my part.

If your setup isn't slipping anywhere, then my original suggestion that it could possibly explain your problem is moot!

Also if this happened running an external governor, then CC's particular governor algorithm isn't the issue.

It has been a couple of days since I looked at your plot. If you hover the cursor over the point where the dropout occurred, do you see a pop-up explanation of why it happened? Sometimes the ESC notes an issue and seems to store an error message. I haven't seen it myself. I also think you normally would see a vertical gray bar in the error case too, which I don't see in your plot.

Maybe someone else could chime in.

Finally, maybe it is the newer algorithm, or even the ESC hardware. It does happen, maybe not as often as user error (), but it does occasionally.
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