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Heres just an update on my Alpha 40, before this weekend I haven't been able to fly much at all. I did get one flight in and the Alpha seemed to fly ok.

But this weekend I ran through 7 tanks and the engine is running worse than before when it was lean. Every now and then it'll run ok for a minute but then it will start running worse. The engine runs inconsistantly and will die after half throttle when its running bad no matter what my needles are set at. It seems like it isn't getting enough fuel even when the HSN is 4 turns out.
I've tried everything I can think of, I started out at 4 turns out with the HSN and worked my way to 1 3/4 turn from out. And did the same thing with the LSN, started really rich at the same time.

I've already replaced the fuel line and tried a new glow plug but the fix I don't think is going to be that simple. I think its an air leak some where else.

I talked to my father who is pretty knowledgeable about 2 stroke gas engines and we came to conclusion that it has to be an air leak somewhere or there is debris in the carb. It doesn't run consistantly, it acts like its not getting enough fuel and won't hold a tune.

Tomorrow I'm going to start at the fuel tank, then the HSN valve and work my way to the carb to check for leaks and clean it.

Also one other question, does the exhaust line that goes from the tank to the muffler pressurize the tank or is it just a breather tube? Thanks.
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