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Pat... as I said earlier, I'm throttling the execution so HK's servers won't even notice it.

And you're right, my not believing it doesn't make it true... doesn't that statement work both ways? Your believe it also doesn't make it true.

I'll re-hash it once more: If it were items such as Eagle Tree, etc it might make sense. But even then, the best evidence that it has anything to do with a MAP agreement... is if they let their customers know. I think that's pretty proof positive that its a mistake, and not MAP. If its not a mistake, then its just insane that they wouldn't do what Amazon (etc etc etc) does and INFORM their customers.

Just look at it logically. Forget anyone's preconceived notions of agreements, etc. Customer Joe comes to the site and sees a product and a price. That price is critical. If its too high, he moves on. No bloody way he's going to add it to a cart in the hopes it might magically be reduced (unless he's informed that could happen, which he's not). *IF* he's happy with the higher price and is inclined to add the item to his cart, then its just plain stupid of the merchant to take less at that point - you've already hooked him at the higher price.

So its pretty iron clad. If its MAP, then they would tell the customer. If its not MAP, then its a mistake. They aren't telling the customer... therefore...

I really REALLY can't understand why so many people are harping on this anyway. Its not even the I've now... said.... THREE... times.

So nevermind... I made the script for my own curiosity and to make a better informed purchasing decision with the information that HK is (deliberately/mistakenly - you choose) withholding. I was going to post the results, but clearly its going to continue to get derailed, so I'll just leave it to my own use.

I'll update the first post to reflect the true cart-pricing "best and worst" and that's it. The rest of the chart I'll just keep local.

Thanks for your input.

- Steven
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