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Guys, remember, its rubber

Wings have a problem with wing the air.

Okay so what holds the weight in the nose up in a glide? The trailing edge of an elevator of a tailed plane....

Elevators are TINY but that's because they have that long lever to work on the keeping the nose up.

Wings don't have any lever, so a LOT of air force is on the trailing edges of the wing.....rubber wings...and even flexier control surfaces since they are thin.

Airspeed increases the down force on those edges. Fly it as a foam toy glider and likely it will be fine, but bring the speed up and wing twist will take effect causing the model to tuck.
Even if you capped the surfaces with glass or carbon the wing is still.....wait for it........rubber.

I bought one even though I hate motors in the noses of my sailplanes. It should make a nice addition to my Hawk.

For the most part, foam airplanes are limited to 50" span unless the foam gets really thick...but even then the surfaces are still ...wait for it....rubber.

Keep the airspeed down and soar...and likely it will be fun. Should be cool on the slope too. KEEP batteries SMALL to keep the wing loading down and you'll have less wing twisting going on too.

Remember the difference between an electric launch sailplane and an electric powered airplane with long wings.....the electric launch sailplane pilot only brings one battery to the field for a day of soaring :-)
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