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thanks robo heli for the tips but I don't think I am being clear. I get how to fly a 4ch, been flying a v911 for 4 months and my msrx and mqx for 2, I just am getting annoyed by my swash being out of whack and despite the several versions of directions to get it to mmm or whatever you want to call it I think I have gotten it so out of position that I don't know which way to correct. I zip around the back yard but can only turn right and end up flying sideways every time. The left turn sends me backwards and into the ground normally. Do I correct for my right turns or left, they send the heli different directions. I can stop turning and get back to a hover but my backyard is not huge so I am pretty much always turning and I know if I had the swash links right this wouldn't be so difficult. It may just be that I am rushing my skills and I should take it slower but I feel like it is mechanical. Sometimes I think I should just get a mcpx or nano because they don't do the swash reset thing and I would stop having to worry about it but part of me thinks I will just be avoiding a problem I could fix if I could just wrap my head around it. Wish I could just hover without as3x and adjust for which way it goes like trim on other helis but when I put rudder trim to try that tbe happens. I will take another crack at it tomorrow, just replaced the swash tonight because I broke a ball trying to adjust a link again, maybe that will help.
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