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Bigger fsa on tube and took out intake diverters. But with one thing fixed comes another problem. Plane did not want to roll right unless going very slow . At full throttle it would not roll right at all. Ended up doing a banked to the left nose in as i couldnt get it to level out. Rolled left fine at any speed. Elevons were level and did a preflight check. What could cause this? Also of note i didnt have this problem with the dynam fan. I thought maybe the servo got over torqued and stalled but why would that only happen on right turns and not left? I've had this happen before on a pusher prop jet, but I always attributed it to torque roll from the prop at full throttle. Didn't think there was torque roll with an edf as the part thats spinning isn't directly attached to the plane like a prop is. This is now the second time I've crashed this plane today. I am glad that I decided to figure out this power system in a profile jet as opposed to the f15.

Edit: Well still not sure what the problem was. I drank a couple beers and added some ailerons. Kinda ghetto rigged it in about 30 minutes. Plane looks like frankenstein. Anyways, had the gf drive me to a field to give it another shot. I refused to end the day with a crash, although honestly I didn't expect it to even fly after all the glue and tape I had to add to put the puzzle back together. Anyways, tossed it up and away it went. I guess I have the ailerons misaligned as it was all over the place. I somehow ended up doing a high alpha a few feet off the ground and thought it was going in. Somehow I gained some speed and got some altitude. It actually flew fairly well except for the fact that I had to constantly give it aileron correction as it was wanting to roll left constantly. Ended up getting a good landing. I think I will be leaving the cs in this plane and finishing up the F15 with the dynam fan. My goal is to get the F-15 finished tomorrow. I'll get some pictures up as soon as its done and also give a succesful maiden report hopefully. I'm now debating on whether to add ailerons to the f15 after the hassle from today.
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