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Hi helicrapter,
There are three main things that can cause the tail rotor problem;

1st] The PCB board - most likely.
When my original 8006 PCB board stopped working after a mere 30 flights or so, the tail rotor just all of a sudden wouldn't respond right (tail rotor just turned a few turns slowly) on 3 joystick movement tries and then after that just totally stop responding.

2nd] The tail motor - tail motor failure could be the problem but not as likely.

3rd] The transmitter joystick’s internal controller - there’s a slight chance it could be failing if it got knocked over or got wet.

There are a couple of other little minor points that I wanted to add in.

My first point is something to avoid doing when troubleshooting. I would suggest never try testing the tail motor on the main motor connector pins on the PCB board. The reason is that the tail motor will burnout within about 10 seconds or so of testing it this way. How do I know this, well I once went against my better judgment in the quest to try to save a little time troubleshooting and I quickly ended up burning out a good tail motor. So simply put the electrical power coming from the PCB that is used for running the main motors is definitely way too much power for tail motor testing.

My second point is that since you mentioned that the tail motor wouldn’t work for the next flight, there is a slight possibility that the transmitter joystick is malfunctioning internally for some reason. This once happened with my 8005 helicopter’s transmitter (the 8006 transmitter is identically built internally) when just before a flight my 8005’s transmitter tipped over and fell off a table and onto a chair. Even though the transmitter had no batteries in it at the time and the fall was only about 2 feet, I found that the tail rotor joystick had stopped working. Even though I didn’t see anything broke inside the transmitter, I was able to get it working again by very carefully taking the joystick control apart as much as possible and very carefully cleaning the little internal slide contacts with a little piece of paper towel or soft rag. All though the joystick control isn’t really designed to be taken apart, I did get it apart enough so as to clean it and the joystick control did work good again after that.
But from what your saying and about the 4 tail rotor turns, (and I'm not 100 percent sure) but it does kind of sound like the PCB board has failed though.

Also too like Ken was saying, the Qs tail systems are built a bit on the fragile side. The tail systems seem to be pushed near their reliability limits if run at or near full power during the whole flight without any breaks in between, especially when flying in a breeze. This is true even when using stock size tail blades and when using the larger tail blades.

About the tail motor connection on the PCB board; the tail motor connector socket is located to the right of the main motor connectors when looking at the motor connectors head on. The LEDs lights and ON / OFF switch connections are on left side of the motor connectors.

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