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Originally Posted by Brownie433 View Post
Well after nearly a year and a half I finally got the 57 finished and maidened yesterday. It was 35 degrees but barely any wind with gray skies.

All the reading is definitely true. What a sweet sweet plane. I came from flying a 47 SHP for the last couple years. I had some flights on the 72 Extra (Gasser) as well.

I love this plane. It is so smooth yet can kick it when you want. I can't believe how much time you have to think/react compared to the 47 SHP. I knew it would be smoother, but I didn't know just how much.

Hovers and harriers are so much easier along with just about everything else. The motrolfly 3620 has great vertical on a 15x6 APC. I may try the 15x7 since watt testing showed another 100 watts. I am nowhere near the 100 amps for my ICE. I am pulling 67 on the 15x6 and 74 on the 15x7 (on 4S). I'm not a high speed guy so I'm not sure I need the 15x7 but will try it.

Now - the down side - plane is great, but I absolutely hate my HS5245 servos. They will not center worth a crap. They constantly change center position and you are always redefining center on the sticks because it changes. All 4 surfaces are doing it and I can see it on the bench. The hinges are all smooth (no binding), the linkages are not binding either. It really wrecks what is a great plane. One time the plane goes straight then you use elevator or ailerons and it will climb or start rolling when you come back to neutral. Makes KE different every time as well. Just a pain. Unfortunately I bought another set of these for my 58 which will get built over the winter.

I will look into other servos that are worthy of this plane. I have never had a plane do this before. HS65s, HS985s, HS85s, DS821s, etc.. that I have tried on other planes have never done this. It really stinks.

Great plane , needs better servos


Glad you like the plane.....too bad about the servos.... Though they are fairly expensive, quite a few people seem to like the HS-7245MH servos..

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