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Originally Posted by teknokraze View Post
Whups. Received my Aerosky Sbach today only to find my wings and horizontal stab all warped, wings not so much as the ailerons. Submitted a ticket with, so we'll see where we go from there.

Pilot was also dislodged and broken in the 340 cockpit, but I was going to use the 342 cockpit without a pilot anyway. Otherwise the plane is in good order, rudder and vertical stab looked good and all electronics work good. Fuselage was good and motor's solid.

Hopefully they'll just own up and send replacements. That was a definite buying factor, having access to a full line of replacement parts.

We'll see what happens.

Your warpage looks typical, though probably a little worse than most. My first Extra 330 had really warped ailerons. I glued a carbon fiber strip to the trailing edge to pull them back into shape. My second one was warped, too, but not as bad. I just left them because I'm lazy. The right wing was slightly warped as well. It flies all right, but doesn't trim out very well. The trim requirements change slightly with airspeed, which makes aerobatics a little sloppy looking.

I've found NP to be pretty good about sending replacement parts, if they have them in stock. If they put them on back order, you may never get them, even when they come back in stock. They sent me a replacement for a warped Dynam SR Trainer right away when I needed that (I had to send photos to Michael Raiden to get it authorized, though). They put me on back order for some other part, though (I don't remember what it was now) and after a couple of months I noticed the part listed on their web site. I had to call them to tell them they had it back in stock. They sent it right away after that, so that's good. I've been waiting a couple of months now for a promised replacement set of servoless retracts for my Dynam Grand Cruiser. Their website still shows them out of stock, but I keep lookin' and hopin'...
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