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Originally Posted by everydayflyer View Post

Out of balance cells become balanced while being charged , very often even if balancing is not active.
Yes Charles, your explanation, graphs shows very clearly when balancing should take a place (and where it is not needed). I agree it makes no sense during discharging for single pack. Thank you for above link.

Originally Posted by gulio View Post
But only if they were balanced before they were discharged. I think that Codi plugged a number of packs together in series (that were not used in series)
I thought we were talking about series cells.
As Gulio pointed, what I’m trying to do is balance at one time 3 different packs (same capacity, different charge sate), to one known state.
Later at one time, I want charge them parallel. In order to do so I was thinking I must have all 3 packs at the same state (lets say after STO mode) to avoid uncontrolled current during putting packs together.

Originally Posted by everydayflyer View Post
Connect the LiPolys in parallel with some cells at 3.7 some at 3.8 some at 3.9 and charge away,they will be fine
That is/was my bigger concern. If some cells are 3,7 some 3,9 or 4 what would be balance current when I connect them together?
Is it healthy for cells?
I was assuming current will be limited only by internal resistance of cells, but now I’m not really sure…

Julez in the thread:

as a one of condition to parallel charging pointed out:
-When the pack's state of charge is nearly identical
-When the packs have slightly different states of charge (<30% difference to each other, to be safe)

Now I’m confused, should I “balance” packs before parallel charge or not really…
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