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Originally Posted by Obiorion View Post
Well I had a slight crash and now my heli has quite a vibration. She flies but man the shakes. Checked everything and can't find the source. All the connections are good. Flybar isn't at all bent or missing a weight.

The only thing that looks slightly amiss is the white glue on the circuit board that runs over the small silver cylinder thing is cracked enought that I can clearly see the entire length of the cylinder.

But that's it.
Got the shakes? Just lay off the coffee, would you?

Vibration like that is usually from the flybar, or the blades, or a bent shaft. If I were you, I would take off one thing at a time, bench the helicopter and spin up until you could find the source of the vibration.

I know you said that you've checked the flybar. But take it off the head anyway. See how the helicopter spins up. Obviously, it won't be able to fly. You are just trying to isolate the problem. If the vibration is still there, take the rotors off as well. I have a gut feeling that you may find the feathering shaft messed up. If not, you would likely see a bent shaft.
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