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Originally Posted by Twister773 View Post
Did anyone ever come to a conclusion what could cause someone to have multiple flights without issue, then one random flight be hovering in atti and it starts drifting for maybe 1 second then drifts even more extreme to the point it would crash if you dont flip to manual and fly it on your own? I was flying tonight from probably 400-500 yards away or more, over a river, filming a bridge. Start at one end and go the entire length of it and the multi was definitely at its max distance of being able to see it and was still tough to see. Multiple good flights then one of the night flights it did the dive and it was so far away and dark I couldnt see its orientation...long story short it was the scariest 3 minutes of my life and I need to figure out what is up with my wkm or wkm in general if anyone else has had this issue. Ill upload the footage the 5dmarkiii got during the ordeal when i get home from this shoot.
I spend the same, hover without control and translation, 500m crashed into a tree.
Consult Dji (Ophelia) and got no solution.
With how expensive it is, might be safer.
Continuous Testing before hanging 7D
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