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Originally Posted by cr2o3 View Post
Just one final note. I mentioned this on the HK forum and was immediately set upon by the would be if they could be moderators. One of them complained and I was accused of making a racial remark, which is bull as I'm certainly not racist. The outcome, a moderator sent me a PM and in a reply I mentioned something about him being a jumped up, hopeless moderator. I was banned for life. No warning, no mention I'd been banned I must be mistaken when I thought a PM was a "personal message" and as such couldn't be used to ban anyone. One thing I was told was that there was a nice party hosted by this moderator to celebrate "yet another one given the boot"
I'm sorry to say it but you made Two fatal mistakes. In the beginning you wasted too much of your time trying to figure out what went wrong instead of quickly opening a Paypal dispute. Your second mistake was to post about your problem on the HK forum. I see you met the HK forum Goon Squad. That group comprised of HK moderators/employees and a devoted army of bullying thugs constantly patrol that forum searching for customers to attack. They appear to have free rein to break any and all the rules in order to harass, belittle, discredit, attack, censor and eliminate anyone they don't agree with or anyone that dares to post about a problem they had with HK. After they ban you they all have a big laugh about it, then they edit and delete your posts to suit their needs. I find it disgusting that any company would allow their customers to be treated in such a manner on a forum operated by them. How unprofessional can this company be. When I complained to HK admin about the customer abuse on the HK forum they said it was necessary to deal with the HK bashers. I believe they enjoys watching his gladiators throw the peasant customers to the lions so it will never change. Just Disgusting.
I'm sorry you had be subjected to that abuse. What was the name of the HK administrator that banned you?
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