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Originally Posted by satinet View Post
Yes David Hobby.

Even if you are matching the cg to the tail rather than the tail to the cg, i still don't really see how hand tosses are better than flying at normal speed higher up tbh.

Also i think it is really hard to set the tail to fractions of degrees. What with finding the centreline of the aerofoil, flex in the tail etc.
Never said hand tosses are better than high-start for testing... It was just that I wanted to see that the CG-decalage-combination wasn't way off, kind of like checking to see that the elevator trim isn't way off... Besides, if things go horribly wrong it might not do as much damage from 10 ft as it would from 150 ft???

I am in no way saying that this method of setting the decalage close to zero is better than the more traditional way of testing. I just wanted to try it and to be honest I never expected the results to be any different, it's just another way to get there. It might take longer, or it might be quicker, I dont know until I've tried it. The optimum set-up will be the same regardless of how I arrive there, right? I read about this method on one of these forums and wanted to try it... Again, don't know if it's the best or the worst way of doing things. The one reason I didn't try the plane on the high-start was that I ran out of daylight since I tested the plane in the evening...

Today however I did try it higher up at the CG that I arrived at previously. It handles quite nicely though I don't know what the optimum cruise speed is, what thermal-speed is optimum etc since I only had a 65 meter line to launch with. I did to my amazement catch enough lift to maintain altitude for quite a while. It's only 5 degrees centigrades, or 41 F for you guys across the pond... Also did some rolling side to side to see how much adverse yaw I get, did look like I have enough differential and aileron-rudder coupling. I only had time to try it in normal mode though...

Do most of you guys use any aileron-flap mix in thermal and launch mode? The more I think about it the less certain I am of wether or not it's a good idea to have it turned off during launch.

I am going to have to get more flap deployment though. Whom ever said you can never have too much flap-angle on these planes were right.
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