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Originally Posted by Harrow View Post
Yes, you are absolutely right. I knew it was wrong when I wrote it. The word 'angular' was on the tip of my tongue but would not come out. ...
Hoo boy - tell me about it! I'm the world's worst for that myself. *LOL*
Just before shutting down for the day & catching my usual 2-3 hours of shuteye & happened to glimpse that a reply had been made so checked in.

I so agree with your comments about gyro 'masking' ... and am more or less 'on the fence but leaning' re their use in gliders, with the foremost thing keeping me 'on' being that I don't know all about gyros, & keeping an open mind in consideration others more creative might well have developed effective and perhaps essential uses for them that I haven't seen.

I have this 'term' - first heard uttered by my Dad many years ago - that describes it so well, and succinctly, it'd be hard to top. Only, I can't say it in here or I'd be banned for the next 7 centuries. *LMAO*
I'll just say it involves eating something thru a 'napkin', & leave the rest to your imagination. If you figure it out, it couldn't be more technically apropos.

G'night all! -- Drive safely!!
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