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I figured out the issue. My NEU motor had the wires shorten and unfortunately they were covered in some kind of varnish that was preventing solder from working. I thought it was solid but wasn't. I took everything apart and tried to burn the varnish off but didn't work so used a dremel with a wire attachment to abrade it off.

Solder still not perfect but much better. I don't know if it will hold up under heat/load.

Anyone else have a good idea how to get a really good solder with the stuff on the NEU wires?

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Hey guys. We finally got some good weather to do the maiden on the "X" today, but I'm having some power issues. We had a good but quick flight as it wasn't generating enough power.

I have a NEU 1112-1Y with the 6.67 gearbox. TP 1800-4S-65C packs, CC125. The prop is a thin 16 x 17.

It seemed very light on the power. After about 2/3 throttle the motor won't go any faster. It is pulling about 60-ish amps and 800 watts.

Trying to decided if we have too much prop for the motor....or not enough motor for the prop. I need to stick with the NEU gearbox as my motor mount is custom for it and not coming out anytime soon.


What is the right amount of watts to get above average performance (I don't expect a insane plane...just really fast).
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