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Originally Posted by R. Mike Neely View Post
My first thoughts was I has pos and neg reversed. I had made a jumper for the cc bec to be between the esc and battery. I have looked at that jumper a hundred time and beleive I hook everything up right???? All ready order new electric retracts. Sequencer from HK is backordered. I probably will not use a CC bec again on this plane. Please give me other choices
Well Mike... the CC BEC is one of the most commonly used with this model for those who went with an external BEC. One of the reasons is its so simple.

So from what you describe you could easily do the same again with any other BEC.

If you could show a snap shot of your circuit we might be able to quickly see what may be the issue.

CC BECs Quoting CC:
  • 9. I fried my CC BEC by plugging in too much voltage and/or reversing polarity. Is it junk?
    No, never throw a Castle Creations product away! Send it in to us and for a flat rate repair fee we’ll repair or replace it. See our repair page for details.
BUT I don't think it was a polarity issue. I've reversed polaritied stuff before and it doesn't fry everything. May be just lucky but what did you set the voltage on the CC BEC to?

To fry the retracts you'd have to be over 6volts. I've reveresed polarity on those individually and they don't burn up. But the one time I stuck my TX lipo on thinking it was a 2S, it fried the sequencer and retracts.

My guess if you don't think the polarity was at issue, you may have set up the BEC or added voltage from something else to blow the servos.

Does the RX still work. Cause most of them will work up to about 8-9V.

And I'm sure the next time you'll just test it on via the RX on a single servo before lighting up the entire setup.
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