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For a while during and after the learning phase (and occasionally afterwards!) we all go through that period where take offs are just getting into the air as fast as we can because it is safer "up there". While landings tend to be semi-controlled arrivals as we get closer to that be, hard, lump of earth which hurts aeroplanes. To some extent there isn't wrong with these aspects because at least the plane is kept in one piece.

The genuine pleasure comes later when a few things take place in your flying ability. One is that you really feel confident in doing low passes. Saying this I don't mean just buzzing the field but doing passes at lower heights and varying speeds that you control. Along with this can come nice controlled take offs where you really do what you choose during the take off phase. By that I mean directional (steering) control, handling of the throttle and elevator finally away with a smooth steady climb away . The same sort of things apply to the landings. Remember too during landing that altitude is dependant on throttle while speed is controlled by elevator.

No, I'm not being smart and suggesting I get these all right because I don't but when you do get these stages right your whole day will feel better.
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